The Origination of Karma Thegsum Dhechenling Monastery

Rinpoche's Overview


Known as the last Shangri-La on earth, the Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan is the sacred land of Padmasambhava, the founding father of Tibetan Buddhism. In the 8th century, when the great master visited Bhutan , he bestowed extensive teachings and transmissions, left behind many termas (hidden treasures) and manifested countless wonders there.
Many sacred sites of those miraculous activities can still be seen today. Also, many past incarnations of the Karmapas had visited Bhutan to spread teachings of the Karma Kagyu lineage.

Over a decade ago, when Rinpoche visited the remote Barshong village in eastern Bhutan, several elderly villagers supplicated him to build a monastery in the vicinity, an idea that seemed rather unimaginable given the circumstances at the time. Despite all, the Karma Thegsum Dhenchenling is completed and we are delighted that the consecration ceremony is to set forth.


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